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Posted on July 30, 2015 in Admission Essay

Now that you have selected a winning essay topic, it is time to start writing. When you begin writing, you need to keep two things in mind. The first, to pursuade the admissions officer that you are a worthy candidate for admission. The second is to show the officer that you have a real personality and real-world experience and are more than just your GPA, SAT Scores, and courseload.

While there is no sure-fire formula for writing the perfect essay, the following list of tips should help you create a better admissions paper.

Answer the Essay Question
No matter how great an essay you write, if you don't answer the question/topic provided on the application, you're essay is going into the rejected pile.

Be original
Even if the essay question seems boring and trivial, by being original and thinking outside the box, you can still write a compelling essay. Use of personal anecdotes, humor, and suspense can all keep the reader engaged and excited to finish your essay.

Be personal
The admission essay is a way for you to introduce yourself to the admissions advisor. They want to learn about you, your interests, your experiences outside of school, etc. Describe your feelings an opinions on the experiences you write about. Anyone can write about a trip to Rome, but a good writer will describe the trip as it personally relates to them.

Don't be too wordy
Many students think that big words = a good essay. This is not the case and often times 'over-thesaurizing' your paper will read awkwardly and come off as phony. You can use big words when appropriate, but don't overdue it.

Spend most of your time on the introduction
You should expect the admission officer to spend at most 3 minutes reading your essay - and they will all start with the introduction. Therefore, you must write an intro that grabs their attention and interest from the very beginning. We recommend writing your introduction AFTER you write the rest of your essay and revise until you are satisfied that it will keep the admission officer engaged. Don't just summarize your essay in the intro - if you do this, why would the officer even need to finish your essay? Instead, create intrigue with your intro - propose questions and make the reader seek out the answers in the rest of your paper.

Use proper transitions
Your essay should have a logical flow to it and transition smoothly. Don't jump around on topics as it will confuse the reader. Clear prose and precise arguments are your friends.

Conclude with a 'sell'
Your conclusion is your final chance to convince the reader you are worthy of admission into their university. You should avoid summarizing your essay in the conclusion and instead consider incorporating the following:
   · Expand on the broad implications of the topics discussed in your body.
   · Link back to your introduction if you started with a story/anecdote that can be concluded
   · End with a quote that is relavant to your essay. Only do this if it fits.
   · Frame your conclusion around a larger context to give it universal appeal.

Share your essay with others
Ask family, friends and teachers to read your essay and give you feedback. Many times, they will have conflicting thoughts on your essay so its good to gather feedback and use it to strengthen your essay and arguments.

Have your essay professionally editted
Your college application essay is too important not to spend a few dollars getting it professionally edited by someone who knows what makes a good application essay. We have a staff of college essay editors that can help you with your work and have a flawless track record for success. There are also other professional essay editors online that a quick google search will turn up.

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