How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

Posted on July 30, 2015 in College Essay

The following section will walk you through how to write a five paragraph essay.

Introduction Paragraph

The five-paragraph essay begins with an introduction paragraph. The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to provide a thesis for the essay, which serves as a mini-outline for the rest of the paper. A good intro should also engage the reader and include some words to graph the readers attention and make them want to read the paper. Good ways to capture the engagement are a personal anecdote that relates to the thesis, a well-known quote or passage, and asking a pertinent question. The last sentence of the intro should provide a transition to move the reader into the first body paragraph of the essay. Intros should also be writen with the assumption that your conclusion paragraph will revisit them / wrap them up.

Body Paragraphs

First Body Paragraph

Your first body paragraph should start with your strongest and most compelling argument or point. Start the paragraph with another transition hook that relates back to the thesis from the introduction. The rest of the paragraph will provide support for your argument and should include quotes, citations, literary references and more. Every citation should be supported with a reference to the original work and should come from a TRUSTED source. Your final sentence of this paragraph should include a wrap up as well as a transition into the next body paragraph.

Second and Third Body Paragraphs

The second and third body paragraphs are identical to the first body paragraph, except their arguments are usually less important. The structure will be exactly the same and they should both conclude with transitions to the next paragraph. The last sentence of the third body paragraph should indicate to the reader that this is your last argument and that your conclusion is next.

Conclussion Paragraph

This final paragraph is the summary for your essay. You should begin it by restating your thesis and summarize the three arguments that were made by your body paragraphs. This is your last chance to convince the reader of your statements so be sure to create a powerful and convincing conclusion. You should include the following in your conclusion:

  • A reference back to the introduction. Wrap up any questions or stories started in the intro.
  • Restate the thesis, using some of the same language or language that echoes your intro thesis.
  • A summary of the three main arguments from the body paragraphs.
  • A final statement that lets the reader know that the essay is finished.

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