College Essay

The topic of college essay writing always invokes mixed feelings. To some students, writing essays is a fun and rewarding process that allows you intimitely research a field and present it in a unique and personal manner. To other students - particularly those students majoring in the sciences - essay writing is a painful chore, something to avoid at all costs. Whatever your feelings are, college essay writing is something that every student will face at one point or another. The purpose of this section is to help educate the college student on how to write a well-structured and A-worthy paper.

Types of Essays

Five Paragraph Essay

The five paragraph essay is probably the first type of essay that a high school student or college freshman will learn how to write. Like its name suggests, this essay has five paragraphs, an introuduction, conclusion and three body paragraphs.

» How to write a five paragraph essay.

Admission Essay

The college admission essay is a special and crucial type of college essay and has a special section dedicated to writing, editing, and submitting this paper.

» the College Admission Essay

Argumentative Essay
Cause and Effect Essay

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