College Essay Writing

College Essay Writing and Editing

Complete Admission Essay Development

This is our most popular and well-received service. Our team of writers works with you to plan, develop, write and edit an actual admission essay for undergraduate or graduate school admissions. The essay is tailored to your specific school requirements and incorporates your personal facts, experiences and accomplishments. These essays have warranted admission to prestigious schools such as Harvard, UCLA, Stanford and Colombia.

Admission Essay Editing

If you have already created a draft or first copy of your admission essay, our writers and editors can provide you with extensive feedback, edits and analyses on how the essay can be improved. Our editing services take into account specific school requirements and makes sure to leave your 'personal voice' in-tact. This service is perfect for the applicant that wants a group of professionals to review and provide revisions prior to finalizing and submitting your essay.

Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are important parts of the college application process and are often overlooked by applicants. Our Letter of Recommendation service provides you and your 'recommenders' with a framework to write better recommendations. Additionally, we can provide feedback and analysis for letters you have already received from recommenders, prior to submission.

Scholarship Application Essay Development

When it comes to scholarships, you are often competing with thousands of other applicants, all with similar academic records, extracurricular activities and circumstances with you. Therefore it is increasingly more important to take the time to write a Scholarship Essay that will stand out and set your apart from the crowd. Our Scholarship Essay service helps you with the entire application process - from planning to drafting to writing to revision. If you are applying for a highly competitive scholarship or grant, we recommend that you let our team help write you a winning essay.

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