College Admissions Essay

The Admissions Essay:

The college admission essay may be one of the most important papers that you ever write. It is one of the deciding factors in whether the university that you have spent 12 years working to attend, accepts or denies your application. Typically ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand words, the admission essay should be started early on in the admission process and worked on and refined continually to ensure you are submitting your best work.

While most high schools do an OK job at preparing their students with the skillset needed to write the college admission essay, we have created a definitive guide to help students from across the country in the process of drafting, writing, editing and submitting a winning essay.

This guide is broken up into different sections and meant to be read in the order listed; however, if you are interested in jumping into specific parts, such as the Mistakes to Avoid or the Editing Process, feel free to.

As cliche as it sounds, the admissions essay should be used for your benefit, a way to distinguish you from thousands of other applicants. While your grades can speak volumes of your classroom performance, it is the admissions essay that will allow you to connect with the admissions advisor reviewing your application and tell them WHY you are meant for their school.

Brainstorming Essay Topics - One of the most important parts of the admission essay process is brainstorming a topic that will address the application's thesis as well as impress and win over the admission advisor. Before you sit down to write your essay, make sure to spend a good amount of time brainstorming to ensure that you choose the perfect topic.

Selecting an Essay Topic - Once you've spent a good amount of time brainstorming ideas for an essay topic, its time to evaluate your options and make a choice. We have profiled some of the best essay topics to write about to help spark ideas if you are having trouble.

Writing the Essay - Now that you have selected the perfect topic to write on, make sure to follow the rules and guidelines here to ensure that you meet the criteria that colleges look for in a good admission essay.

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