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College Admissions Essay

The Admissions Essay:

The college admission essay may be one of the most important papers that you ever write. It is one of the deciding factors in whether the university that you have spent 12 years working to attend, accepts or denies your application. Typically ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand words, the admission essay should be started early on in the admission process and worked on and refined continually to ensure you are submitting your best work.

While most high schools do an OK job at preparing their students with the skillset needed to write the college admission essay, we have created a definitive guide to help students from across the country in the process of drafting, writing, editing and submitting a winning essay.

This guide is broken up into different sections and meant to be read in the order listed; however, if you are interested in jumping into specific parts, such as the Mistakes to Avoid or the Editing Process, feel free to.

As cliche as it sounds, the admissions essay should be used for your benefit, a way to distinguish you from thousands of other applicants. While your grades can speak volumes of your classroom performance, it is the admissions essay that will allow you to connect with the admissions advisor reviewing your application and tell them WHY you are meant for their school.

Brainstorming Essay Topics - One of the most important parts of the admission essay process is brainstorming a topic that will address the application's thesis as well as impress and win over the admission advisor. Before you s [...]

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College Essay

The topic of college essay writing always invokes mixed feelings. To some students, writing essays is a fun and rewarding process that allows you intimitely research a field and present it in a unique and personal manner. To other students - particularly those students majoring in the sciences - essay writing is a painful chore, something to avoid at all costs. Whatever your feelings are, college essay writing is something that every student will face at one point or another. The purpose of this section is to help educate the college student on how to write a well-structured and A-worthy paper.

Types of Essays Five Paragraph Essay

The five paragraph essay is probably the first type of essay that a high school student or college freshman will learn how to write. Like its name suggests, this essay has five paragraphs, an introuduction, conclusion and three body paragraphs.

» How to write a five paragraph essay.

Admission Essay

The college admission essay is a special and crucial type of college essay and has a special section dedicated to writing, editing, and submitting this paper.

» the College Admission Essay

Argumentative Essay Cause and Effect Essay [...]

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid for College

Let's face it: college is EXPENSIVE. Ranging from $3,000 per year, to over $40,000 per year, the price of tuition in the United States is reaching staggering amounts. When you tack on the cost of room/board, books, food, and a social life, most students will have to seek financial aid of some sort to cope with the rising collegiate expenses. Luckily, there are more options than ever for students seeking financial help and we have put together some of the top options to turn to to help with college funding.

College Scholarships

The most popular type of financial aid is a college scholarship. College scholarships are broken into three categories: Merit-Based Scholarships Activity-Based Scholarships Affiliate-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarship: Merit-based scholarships are based upon academic standings and are decided by factors such as GPA and strength of courses. Most merit-scholarships require that you write an essay (although not always) and also that you maintain a certain level of academic performance to receive the full scholarship distribution. This is the most prevelant type of scholarship and usually the most popular amoung high school seniors and college freshman. We recommend that you ask your guidance counselor about merit-based scholarships as they can do a good job of matching you with a local scholarship that will have less competition than some of the national scholarships.

Activity-based scholarship: Activity-based scholarships are given to applicants that excel in specific extracurricular activities. [...]

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College Essay Writing

College Essay Writing and Editing Complete Admission Essay Development

This is our most popular and well-received service. Our team of writers works with you to plan, develop, write and edit an actual admission essay for undergraduate or graduate school admissions. The essay is tailored to your specific school requirements and incorporates your personal facts, experiences and accomplishments. These essays have warranted admission to prestigious schools such as Harvard, UCLA, Stanford and Colombia.

Admission Essay Editing

If you have already created a draft or first copy of your admission essay, our writers and editors can provide you with extensive feedback, edits and analyses on how the essay can be improved. Our editing services take into account specific school requirements and makes sure to leave your 'personal voice' in-tact. This service is perfect for the applicant that wants a group of professionals to review and provide revisions prior to finalizing and submitting your essay.

Letter of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are important parts of the college application process and are often overlooked by applicants. Our Letter of Recommendation service provides you and your 'recommenders' with a framework to write better recommendations. Additionally, we can provide feedback and analysis for letters you have already received from recommenders, prior to submission.

Scholarship Application Essay Development

When it comes to scholarships, you are often competing with thousands of other applicants, all with similar acade [...]

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